How can I join the students union?

In order to join the students union the applicant must pass two examination stages created by the current students union one of which is written (held in the classrooms randomly) and the other one should be oral held in the meetings room in the national premises. If the student passed the two exams successfully a judging committee consist of head teachers from all the subjects look through the history of all students to filter the best of which can represent the new students union.

What is the students union duties?

1 - to represent Harvest Schools students outlook and behavior.

2 - to provide and protect a healthy environment for the rest of the students during school times and summer times.

3 - to create new ideas that help teachers and administrators in the school management systems.

4 - to organize trips and champions during the year for the students and the school employees.

and much more.........

What is the students union authorities?

1 - Special access to all school facilities and resources such as libraries, computer labs, Stationery and Canteen.

2 - A voice held in bored members meeting for students related decisions such as Books equipment and E - Learning devices. 

3 - Discounts and offers for all school trips and products sold or services used. 

4 - Leading classrooms separably in playgrounds, swimming pool and gymnasium for competitions and champions among students. 

and much more...........

Who are the students union this year?

From Middle 1: Mariam Mohamed, Darin Ahmed


From Year 7: Rehad Hossam, Yehia Mohamed

From Year 8: Salma El A, Khaled Ahmed

From Middle 2: Adham Ibrahim

From Middle 3: Mahmoud Saeed, Farida Sharaf, Habiba Aboraya

From Year 9:  Yomna Ghanem, Zeina Ashraf