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Language School

Our Vision:

 Is to invest in an interactive, authentic, effective, and creative generation, in which students are thirsty for knowledge and prepared for global leadership in a safe educational environment.

Our Mission: 

Is to invest in the skills of educational and administrative cadres to provide an inspirational environment made fit to qualify students to be part of a bullish future while placing technology in its best use to activate the most effective educational system.

Safe Environment


Preparation To The New Academic Year 2020/2021

Science Labs

New English Syllabus


New Science Syllabus


Extra Worksheets Syllabus


Quran Syllabus

E-Learning Process (Starts From Junior 1)

English (Junior 1)

English (Junior 6)

French (Junior 1)

Arabic (Junior 1)

Science (Middle 2)


Precautions For Covid-19

Follow our guide for safety environment during School day.