Our happiness is restored by welcoming our beloved students

Dear Parents,Together we have experienced a challenging academic year, However, your discipline and cooperation had the most significant role in providing our beloved students with high-quality education programs at Harvest Schools.Harvest has worked intensively with teachers and responsible admins during the summer season to put cautionary policies and guidelines that will make sure all our students return to their classes safely in the academic year of 2021/2022. The guidelines were created by several schools admins upon scientific experiments and worldwide practices.The goal of this guide is to notify you with the necessary information that will allow our students to get ready for returning to school. Shall you have any more inquiries, you may contact the school administration.
To assure our commitment in providing emotional support when facing hesitance or fear of going back to school during these rough times, We recommend following the instructions presented below to overcome this challenge:
  1. Make sure to inform your children about the Covid-19 virus, so they realize that feeling anxious or nervous about going back to school is a natural matter.
  2. Make sure to engage in conversation with them about their fears and worries of returning to school. Explain to them the cautionary measurements that Harvest schools will follow to assure everyone’s safety.
  3. Make sure to clarify the changes that will occur inside the school with great respect to the role they will have to follow in order to maintain the safety of their own and their community. And we recommend wearing face masks, social distancing, and constantly washing hands.
  4. Remember to show the positive side of returning to school that includes meeting friends and learning new topics as done recently in many countries around the world.
  5. Make sure to constantly engage in conversation with them about how are they feeling and what do they require before going. Back to school.

The Academic Plan

What should parents know?

School Attendance

Safety First

What should parents know?

Health And Hygiene Precautions

Personal Health And Safety

Social Distancing

Safety And Security Measures For Bus Students

Precautions Inside The School

What should parents know?

The Spaces Inside Each Class/Groups And Students Distribution

The Greatest Usage Of  The School Facilities And Resources

Physical And Theoretical Activities

Break And Lunch Times

In case a student show signs of illness during the school period

Maintaining The Quality Of Education

What should parents know?

Supporting The Students Emotional, Mental, And Physical Health

Constant Communication

Returning To School

What should parents know?

Parents Responsibilities And Tasks

Daily Precautions During The Academic Semester

The Constant Precautions To Maintain The Health And Safety Of The Community

Express Your Worries

The goal of the information we presented to you is to inform you about the nature of the safety measures and precautions we took in cooperation with responsible officials to re-open the school. Therefore, if you have any notes regarding the way the school presented the information in this guide or the way the school applied the guidelines, kindly contact us using the school's email (info@harvestschools.com).Harvest schools maintain its rights in updating the information presented in this guide at any given time government officials provide new information. You will be notified with any changes.

Extra Information

To receive the newest updates about Covid-19 from official government organizations,visit: https://www.care.gov.eg/EgyptCare/Index.aspx

Applying To Harvest Schools

For more information about applying to Harvest Schools, visit www.harvestschools.com

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