Our focus for English language learning


Since language is used to create purposeful and meaningful interactions, the focus will be more communicative with task based and natural approaches to learning language.

There will be less meaningless worksheets, that are nothing more than fragmented language - out of context - and more oral work and other activities in the classroom.

We want our students to improve their language skills and fluency in English.  Not only are we encouraging students to talk and write but also develop more opportunities for pair and group discussions and activities.

Teachers will utilize effective and stimulating approaches to language teaching where tasks are interesting to the learners and where they need to use the language they already have to complete it. More attention is placed on the use of the language

Learners should be able to experiment with different ways to say something enabling learners to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations they would likely find in real life.

Ms Amal Al Malt

British Department Principal

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