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Admission Process

Admission Process

1- Fill an application form

The wonderful journey at Harvest Schools starts with an application form

An application form can be found at the reception of either the National or the International school However, We offer an online application form for free which can be accessed by clicking 

before you start reading if you have any questions head to the frequently asked questions page from                and if  it didn't satisfy your needs you can always contact us in the working hours from 8:00 Am till 3:00 Pm Sunday to Thursday

0 106 711 3488 , 0106 18 944 77

2- Wait and attend an interview  appointment

we directly review your application and book an interview appointment for parents or students and in some cases both

 (Students interviews can involve entry level tests according the educational stage of the student and his origin school).

3- Follow up response 

After the interview our students affairs department will get in touch with the applicants providing the statue of their registration process by either acceptance or decline.

Notice: this process could take up to 48 hours

in case of a delay you can always contact us at:

0106 19 844 11 , 0106 18 944 77

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