Harvest Language School

Our Vision:

Is to invest in an interactive, authentic, effective, and creative generation, in which students are thirsty for knowledge and prepared for global leadership in a safe educational environment.

Our Mission:

Is to invest in the skills of educators and administrative calibers to provide an inspirational environment made fit to qualify students to be part of a gleaming future placing technology in its best use to activate the most effective educational system.


Break Time

Junior 1
From 9:20 To 10:00
Junior 2 & 5
From 10:00 To 10:40
Junior 3, M. 1, 2, 3 & Senior 1, 2, 3
From 10:40 To 11:20
Junior 4 & Junior 6
From 11:20 To 12:00

Safe Environment

Preparation To The New Academic Year

Science Labs

New English Syllabus

New Science Syllabus

Extra Worksheets Syllabus

Quran Syllabus

Math (Junior 1)

English (Junior 1)

English (Junior 6)

French (Junior 1)

Arabic (Junior 1)

Science (Middle 2)

Precautions For Covid-19

Follow our guide for safety environment during School day.