Computer Lab Policy

Students are required to:
Students are responsible for all actions done on their computers:


Library Lessons: We have weekly Library lessons schedule for both English & Arabic languages.
Circulation Policy:

School Canteen

Our school provides a variety of nutritious foods and beverages to students and staff that enables them to make healthy food choicesAll nutritious food choices are displayed on front shelves and in an area that students and staff can easily see.Policy:

Smart Classes

Smart classes are available in KG Department and Elementary schools We all know how helpful it is to remember something that is taught visually to us rather than the one that is read through pages after pages.


Physical Education in schools concerns the involvement of children in fitness , activities, sports, Health Education, and gymnastics . All are designed to encourage a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.Through all the sports facilities, its apparatus and equipment, HIS offers excellent conditions for practicing physical sports, going all out to meet the needs of each user, thus increasing the number and quality of the available sports.
Outdoor Courts:
Please follow the below rules:
Swimming Pool:
Regulations on Using Swimming Pool: